Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2 Rise K Cups review

I got the opportunity to try out some K cups from 2 Rise. I chose a medium blend, because I like dark but my mom and family like light. Wimps. "Coffee" water isn't considered coffee in my book in the same way "sweet red wine" isn't wine. My mom tried first. She confessed it "bitter." I tried, and I didn't find it bitter at all. I actually loved the flavor. I did find it darker than a "medium" roast though. I'm accustomed to mixing a flavored coffee (because I'm special) with an espresso bean (because I'm ornery.) This definitely had almost the oomph I'm used to. My cousin tried it and although it was too dark for him, he didn't think it was bitter either. The only thing that I didn't like (which may be a defect of the Keurig itself) was that my cup seemed a bit grainy. I checked to make sure my bag hadn't ripped (it didn't) so that was that. I don't really care, as my everyday coffee sometimes does that too, especially at the end of the pot.
In all, I thought this k cup was a robust roast that ended mellow. Similar to a breakfast blend from McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts, except darker and you pay less at home! I would be interested in trying the light and dark of this brand to see how they compare. Well, my family would be interested in trying the light, and I would want to see how the dark compares with this darker "medium" roast. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and as a dark roast coffee drinker, I thought this medium roast was a good flavor all around!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lil Gadgets GIVEAWAY!


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Friday, July 24, 2015

Ohuhu LED Wave machine review

Find soft lights romantic? Or relaxing? I just got a new product that's a whole lot of fun. This Ohuhu LED Wave machine turns your ceiling in to a sea of waves in red, blue and green. You can choose between 7 settings, my favorite being the solid blue waves and my least being the rave party setting. (Really, that one was terrible, but there is also a solid green wave that is going to be really cool for Halloween) We have used it at night and started turning off the tv. I think my favorite thing was setting it up in the bathroom during a nice hot bath.

My daughter and I used it to make silly shadow puppets. She has now stolen it to use in her room for a nightlight. Which means her closet light doesn't have to stay on all night. AND this machine shuts itself off! I think after about an hour or so. It also comes with a built in speaker and audio jack, so you can plug your mp3 player or phone in to listen to music! It has a USB power, and comes with a plug in attachment.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and overall, I liked it and so does Ili. The only thing I was irked about is it came with no directions. Would have been handy to know about the capabilities of the machine up front, and not by trial and error.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hydracentials Steel Water Bottle

Ok, I love this. It said "double insulated" and "keeps your water colder longer" and I was like well, we'll just see about this. Enter the Hydracentials 16oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Compact design, that is also available in a 25oz, which would come in very handy. I love the coloring and the fact that it has a curved top that you can attach with a carabiner to your gym bag or what-have-you to keep away from your sweaty gym socks. It is made from stainless steel, so it's long lasting. No worries about BPA or toxins leaking into your water. And that double wall? Actually lives up to the hype. I was able to keep my water cold after it being out for an hour and a half. Perfect for gym time to get you through your workout. I would probably go ahead and order the 25oz though, because I go through water like whoa. Make sure you place in the refrigerator overnight- that double wall still works as an insulator. And you know how you rush to work while curling your eyelashes and your kid is screaming in the back of of the van for breakfast, so you fling a half cooked Eggo their way and knock your drink over which spills out on your floor while you almost die swerving when you pick it up? (No? Just me?) Well that won't happen! No spills. The square mouth piece (seriously the only thing I find odd about this product) folds in to block the air hole leaving no liquid able to sneak its way out on the floor.

 I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and its used EVERY MORNING.
20150521_084905[1]  ***Just in case you were wondering if my imagination gets ahead of me sometimes- this happened today. Coffee all over my mat because the thermos tipped over. Luckily there was no swerving/dying because we hit a red light where I could remedy the situation. I can't wait for Hydracentials to release a coffee thermos. Seriously.***

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

AzureNaturals skincare GIVEAWAY!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Easy@Home TENS UNIT review

Ok. This is a seriously wonderful product, and telling you about it makes me well up with tears. For those who haven't tried a TENS unit before, it is a machine that delivers electric pulses to gel pads placed strategically on your skin. I first tried at the chiropractor after a particularly bad fall. I have fibromyalgia, chronic inflammatory disease and "chronic pain disease" (whatever that means- mostly likely that they have no idea what is actually wrong). My knees and ankles will both give out sporadically on stairs, making falls a relatively common occurrence. A year ago I dislocated 3 of my ribs and didn't realize something was seriously wrong for about a month. Since then, they sometimes pop out and my muscles ache from the strain.

I tell you all this to put into your mind how helpful this product is for me. You can use it on your upper or lower back, your neck, your stomach, arms, legs, joints, and even feet (I'm looking forward to that the next time my feet swell!) When I first got this product, I started with my lower back. It has settings for waist, shoulder, joint, hand/leg and sole. You can also choose massage, beat or knead.  Intensity settings can be turned up and down with dials on either side. (Only down note- dials are sensitive. I would like to see this updated so you don't accidentally say, bump the side dial up while moving the unit to make room for your daughter in your bed.)  Main unit ruins on 4 AAA batteries.

Simply place the electrode pads in the position you'd like. A simple manual with pictures makes placement easy. When you are done, place pads back on plastic sheet for storage. Do not touch sticky backing with your fingers to prolong life of pads.

After a 15 minute session, my back felt less tight and more relaxed. This really helps when the muscles around my sciatic nerve  are tight and causing problems. I also use on my upper back around my ribs and on my neck. My fiancé used it this morning on his neck and was amazed. Told me he's doing it on his back when he gets back home. Living with a chronic condition is rough, but the TENS unit works to help alleviate some of that pain. It helps block pain signals from even reaching the brain. It also helps increase endorphins to deal with pain. Studies have been conducted with fibromyalgia patients and over the course of treatment, has been shown to up seratonin levels, which is great news.

Obviously, this product is not for everyone. You cannot use with a pacemaker or heart condition, or if you are pregnant. Read ALL instructions before use, including the one about not putting it on your eyelids. (Although I believe that is just like putting the caution instructions on not putting your hand under a lawnmower. Let's just let Darwin's law sort that one out, shall we?)

I see no reason why you wouldn't enjoy this product. Easy to operate, and fast results. Right now, this product is only $30. That's cheaper than one treatment at the chiropractor. One. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and I would give it a thousand stars if I could. I can't even begin to tell you the difference it will make in my life.

To purchase this unit on Amazon- Easy@home TENS unit
For replacement pads
Replacement pads

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Glitter Tattoo Kit by Custom Body Art review

I saw a promotion for these fun glitter tattoos, and thought it would be a fun summer activity for my daughter and I. I was right. My daughter is obsessed with tattoos, and glitter is right up her alley. She wanted to open the box within minutes of us receiving it via UPS (forget that my new TENS unit had just arrived) 😧.

We opened the package up and got to take a look at the 20 different stencils that they offered. I was surprised to know that the stencils actually stuck to your skin rather than being a plastic form that was just pressed up against. We peeled them off and placed them on our body where we wanted the tattoos to go. Then we opened up the glue stick tube and read the directions on applying a light coat to the opening of the stencils on your skin. After a slight one minute drying time we removed the stencils and placed them back on their backing. This was a little tricky because the glue residue sticks to your fingers. Maybe I could have been a little more careful about glue distribution on the stencils. 😨 Ili picked out her glitter colors and I proceeded to start applying to her skin where I thought the clear glue was (hard to see after you take off the stencils) while thinking, well this can't work well like this. [Insert foot into mouth] They started appearing like a hidden lemon juice message! (Tell me I'm not the only one who remembers that) At this point, I actually got excited about it because it was turning out so neat. Tattoos will last between 3-7 days- even in water!

 I think this is a fun and mostly easy to use product that would be a great addition to birthday parties or group events, as well as just for a weekend movie and popcorn kind of night. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and I give it 4/5.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Super Bright bike lights review

I wanted to try out these bike lights because my mom had recently taken to riding for exercise around her neighborhood. I thought she would really enjoy these. The bike lights come in a set of six. Two blue, two green, and two multi color.

I'd like to say they lived up to expectations, but alas, they did not. The instructions left a lot to be desired. It took me a lot longer than I care to mention to figure out why they weren't working. They are made from plastic, and you had to open it up along a hidden seam to take out a piece if paper preventing the battery from being in use during transit. Only one of the green worked, and it did so poorly. Both blues were mediocre. The multi colors worked the best, and were actually fun. However, none showed the kind of super bright lights shown in the Amazon listing. They do shut off when not in motion to save battery life. 

While these lights did entertain my five year old, they certainly didn't peak the interest of any adults. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion and I cannot recommend purchasing it.

Two Meows cat litter mat review

We received this fun, paw shaped cat litter mat. I was super excited to put this to use immediately. It has a super soft, spongy texture that is safe for kitty's paws. Meanwhile, the tiny crisscrossed loops help keep litter from being scattered on my floor by brushing it off Bella's paws before she steps into my floor. This is wonderful! I had previously been using a different flat cloth mat that "said" it kept litter in its place. I call bull patootie. Constant sweeping was the only way to avoid litter being stuck to your feet and then strewn all over the floor. This Two Meows mat has actually lived up to its promise, aside from the errant piece of runaway litter. But really, a majority is kept safe inside loops of the mat waiting for you to give it a simple shake above the garbage. For more in depth cleaning, they recommend spraying off with a hose, but avoiding the washer as it could damage the product. The non-slip backing could use a little improvement, but doesn't stray far from where you put it.

Two Meows also makes other cat products including a litter box. They come in grey or a very uplifting neon green. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion and I highly recommend purchasing for your feline friend. Well, who am I kidding? It's not really for the cat, it's to save my back and my mind!
Check them out on Facebook or via their website.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fun at the Heart of Illinois fair- mostly.

My daughter and I enjoyed the Heart of Illinois fair last night. I have to say, it's quite a different experience now that she's almost 6. I'm a bit out of practice and discovered that among the things that change as you approach 30, your ability to ride carnival rides diminishes. She is now finding the bigger rides appealing which at first, I thought was fun. After 3 trips on Zero Gravity in a row, I began to rethink this.
Between this ride, the Tornado, the Wipeout, the Spider, and the High Bounce, I was ready to hurl. 

After a corn dog break, we got to visit The Unique Twist, a local balloon artist, and grabbed a signature lemon shake up from Bill's. We went over to watch The Wade Henry Street show and watched him eat a balloon. My daughter assured me she wouldn't eat hers. He rode a unicycle and then juggled fire. My daughter then informed me she wouldn't be trying that at home. Hahahaha! Good plan! We walked over to watch Woody's Menagerie. Always a good show. Conservation education with cuddly creatures. Instills a love and respect for animals while talking about the importance of conservation efforts and wildlife protection. From there we went on to the K9's in Flight show. Their homeless to high flying dogs (including pit bulls! Yay!) steal the show. From dock diving, to high jump, to Frisbee catching antics, these dogs are driven to please and play. They stress the importance of adoption and saving a life. 

Overall, we had a good time. Once you got past the $10 admission on top of the wristband prices, and the fact that when we arrived there wasn't even anyone manning the ticket booths til 4:08 and the line was insane. (Wristband rides were from 4-7. Pretty hard to start riding at 4 when you can't even get a wristband before that.) The fair has been shrinking every year, with less and less rides. The ample amount of children's rides is great for them, but definitely a lack for teens and adults. Overall we had a good time, but improvements should be made for next year. Really, the only saving grace is the side shows. Hopefully, we'll see things start to get better instead of continuing on this downward spiral. It would be a shame to see it close up. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vivree Silicone Tongs review

As soon as I saw these Vivree tongs, I knew I had to have them. We were using a pair of metal tongs that scratched my pots and pans. I knew I wanted a pair of silicone tongs that had nice grip and wouldn't abuse my Rachael Ray cookwear. Along came these, and boy are they nice. Soft enough to avoid damage while sturdy enough to pick up heavier items safely. Since the ends are silicone, they don't conduct heat up the handle like my metal ones did.

 Silicone also lines the handles for a comfort grip!

They come in a set of two, one shorter and one longer, so any of your grabbing needs are satisfied. A handy locking mechanism at the end is simple to use (just pull out/push in) to keep tongs closed when not in use. The locking mechanism also has a hole in it for those of you that prefer to hang your utensils, instead of keeping them in a drawer. The only thing that I don't care for is the lip on the inside of the handle of the tongs, but I haven't seen tongs without it.

 I wish someone could come up with a sealed design where food wouldn't become trapped. Other than this- I highly recommend purchasing these universal utensils!

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Murder To Go by Chloe Kendrick

I downloaded Murder To Go because it seemed right up my alley. Food and murder. Sign me up! It did not disappoint.
The main character is a lovable, but hopeless Gen Y gal that you can relate to. At least, I can. She inherits a hot dog food truck and a spicy Spanish chef after her aunt passes. After the first head rolls from a competitive food truck, she winds up being a suspect and the questionable beginnings of her inheritance begin to unravel.
If you enjoy books written like Janet Evonovich, you'll also enjoy this series. I'm quite looking forward to reading the next.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Caretaker of Imagination review

I started reading The Caretaker of Imagination and was immediately entranced. This is a fun and altogether unique book for children of any age. In the story, an adult (John) is bored with his dull life, void of any real unbridled happiness and pure joy. I mean really, who hasn't been there in their life? Anywho, John takes up with a plan to add some spice and zing in his life, and sets off in a road trip with his faithful cat Theo (who is hilarious by the way) on an adventure. They encounter pirates, magical Woodland creatures and a special caretaker along their journey.
I love the fact that this book is in an easy chapter form for smaller children. There are still assorted pictures in the book and it's perfect to read a chapter or two a night. I also really love that children can love this book regardless of gender. It had everything.
I received this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and I highly recommend reading it with your kids. My daughter loves Theo's real cat disposition. Trust me.