Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Little About My Treats

I love to bake. Seriously. I may set the smoke detector off at least once a week while cooking, but I'm a hands down, all around, great Baker. Most people are one or the other, I find.
But baking soothes me. My great grandma taught me. I could bake before kids my age could read. I used to walk home from kindergarten to an empty house. (It was a FAR different time.) And what did I do to keep me occupied? I baked. In the oven. Mostly chocolate chip cookies so they were fresh when my gramps came home. I would mix all the ingredients, that I knew by heart, and before I would put the chocolate chips in, I'd scoop out a couple "dog cookies" to bake for our Weinaramer. Then I'd mix the chips in and scoop out half into teaspoon sized bites. I'd add pecans to the remainder of the dough because my mom liked them.
I love to try out new recipes now. I love to tweak and adjust and try again. Seeing people so happy by something that I did- well, that's an awesome feeling. One day, I hope I'll have my own bakery. I'll get there. One cheesecake at a time.
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As much as I love to bake, I was never able to make a pie crust to save my life. My aunt passed away a little over a year ago and made sure that I got her binder of recipes she had compiled. In it, I found a recipe for pie crust in my great grandmother's handwriting. I attempted it, and lo and behold, perfection! Flaky, salty perfection.
So my question to you guys- What is YOUR favorite recipe? Does it have sentimental significance?


  1. Wow amazing !!! Love the cakes and pies. You are so talented

  2. Truly amazing job! I really love the cross cake. They are all gorgeous.

  3. I loge baking too but no where close to being as talented as you are.

    1. Awww, thanks. I just watch a lot of Cake Boss lol.