Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Nuture Vox Box!

I got my Nuture Vox box and I was SOOOOO excited! 
I got to do my first unboxing and it was awesome. 

Watch my unboxing HERE- 

I received two products from Blue Lizard- a sport sunscreen and a sensitive skin sunscreen. The Sport is water resistant for 80 minutes! That's a lot of sun time! My favorite thing about this product is that the cap turns blue when it senses UV light! How about that extra reminder to lather up? #wevegotyoucovered

Non-Drowsy Dramamine contains ginger for upset tummies with motion sickness. I may try these out during our road trip to St. Louis this summer so I can read while my future hubby drives! #nondrowsydramamine

ATTITUDE products by Target are a great way to get GREEN. Worry free ingredients with products NEVER tested on animals. #ATTITUDEatTarget

Hada Labo makes a variety of skin care products, including this Facial mask I got to try. 
Silky smooth face today! #HadaLaboMask 

I got to try Red Vines. Seriously, how have I never had these? So delicious! Maybe we'll take a #RedVinesRoadTrip!

A coupon to try the new Uncle Ben's flavors?! Can't wait to try the Quinoa and Brown Rice! Found a great soup on Pinterest with it too! #BeginwithBen

AND Free Oreida easy fries or tator tots? Easy Breakfast or dinner sides? Awesome. PS- If you haven't tried their Sriracha fries- do so now.  #OreIdaEasyFries

And if you'd like to see my daughter attempting to be a mini me- you can check this out! Adorable, but I'm biased. 


  1. Great VoxBox. I'm a huge fan of Non-Drowsy Dramamine. I have not seen the Naturals one yet. I have to check out ATTITUDE at Target. I haven't head of that brand.

  2. Such a great box! I love ATTITUDE

    1. I'm just now finding out about them!