Monday, July 20, 2015

Easy@Home TENS UNIT review

Ok. This is a seriously wonderful product, and telling you about it makes me well up with tears. For those who haven't tried a TENS unit before, it is a machine that delivers electric pulses to gel pads placed strategically on your skin. I first tried at the chiropractor after a particularly bad fall. I have fibromyalgia, chronic inflammatory disease and "chronic pain disease" (whatever that means- mostly likely that they have no idea what is actually wrong). My knees and ankles will both give out sporadically on stairs, making falls a relatively common occurrence. A year ago I dislocated 3 of my ribs and didn't realize something was seriously wrong for about a month. Since then, they sometimes pop out and my muscles ache from the strain.

I tell you all this to put into your mind how helpful this product is for me. You can use it on your upper or lower back, your neck, your stomach, arms, legs, joints, and even feet (I'm looking forward to that the next time my feet swell!) When I first got this product, I started with my lower back. It has settings for waist, shoulder, joint, hand/leg and sole. You can also choose massage, beat or knead.  Intensity settings can be turned up and down with dials on either side. (Only down note- dials are sensitive. I would like to see this updated so you don't accidentally say, bump the side dial up while moving the unit to make room for your daughter in your bed.)  Main unit ruins on 4 AAA batteries.

Simply place the electrode pads in the position you'd like. A simple manual with pictures makes placement easy. When you are done, place pads back on plastic sheet for storage. Do not touch sticky backing with your fingers to prolong life of pads.

After a 15 minute session, my back felt less tight and more relaxed. This really helps when the muscles around my sciatic nerve  are tight and causing problems. I also use on my upper back around my ribs and on my neck. My fiancĂ© used it this morning on his neck and was amazed. Told me he's doing it on his back when he gets back home. Living with a chronic condition is rough, but the TENS unit works to help alleviate some of that pain. It helps block pain signals from even reaching the brain. It also helps increase endorphins to deal with pain. Studies have been conducted with fibromyalgia patients and over the course of treatment, has been shown to up seratonin levels, which is great news.

Obviously, this product is not for everyone. You cannot use with a pacemaker or heart condition, or if you are pregnant. Read ALL instructions before use, including the one about not putting it on your eyelids. (Although I believe that is just like putting the caution instructions on not putting your hand under a lawnmower. Let's just let Darwin's law sort that one out, shall we?)

I see no reason why you wouldn't enjoy this product. Easy to operate, and fast results. Right now, this product is only $30. That's cheaper than one treatment at the chiropractor. One. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and I would give it a thousand stars if I could. I can't even begin to tell you the difference it will make in my life.

To purchase this unit on Amazon- Easy@home TENS unit
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