Friday, July 17, 2015

Two Meows cat litter mat review

We received this fun, paw shaped cat litter mat. I was super excited to put this to use immediately. It has a super soft, spongy texture that is safe for kitty's paws. Meanwhile, the tiny crisscrossed loops help keep litter from being scattered on my floor by brushing it off Bella's paws before she steps into my floor. This is wonderful! I had previously been using a different flat cloth mat that "said" it kept litter in its place. I call bull patootie. Constant sweeping was the only way to avoid litter being stuck to your feet and then strewn all over the floor. This Two Meows mat has actually lived up to its promise, aside from the errant piece of runaway litter. But really, a majority is kept safe inside loops of the mat waiting for you to give it a simple shake above the garbage. For more in depth cleaning, they recommend spraying off with a hose, but avoiding the washer as it could damage the product. The non-slip backing could use a little improvement, but doesn't stray far from where you put it.

Two Meows also makes other cat products including a litter box. They come in grey or a very uplifting neon green. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion and I highly recommend purchasing for your feline friend. Well, who am I kidding? It's not really for the cat, it's to save my back and my mind!
Check them out on Facebook or via their website.


  1. Love that it's in the shape of a paw. I have one from the same company, too -- I think. But, it's HUGE. Does your cat mind the texture of the mat? Mine is hesitant and kind of acts weird about it. Lol..

  2. Nope. Took about 2 days and some treats on the mat. Weird smells at first I guess, lol. Now she could care less.

  3. That mat is just too cute! It looks like it's nice sized, too. A lot of mats I've seen are so small they barely fit one bowl.

    1. This is large! But that's great! I don't understand the purpose of a small mat. The cat just steps over it!