Friday, July 24, 2015

Ohuhu LED Wave machine review

Find soft lights romantic? Or relaxing? I just got a new product that's a whole lot of fun. This Ohuhu LED Wave machine turns your ceiling in to a sea of waves in red, blue and green. You can choose between 7 settings, my favorite being the solid blue waves and my least being the rave party setting. (Really, that one was terrible, but there is also a solid green wave that is going to be really cool for Halloween) We have used it at night and started turning off the tv. I think my favorite thing was setting it up in the bathroom during a nice hot bath.

My daughter and I used it to make silly shadow puppets. She has now stolen it to use in her room for a nightlight. Which means her closet light doesn't have to stay on all night. AND this machine shuts itself off! I think after about an hour or so. It also comes with a built in speaker and audio jack, so you can plug your mp3 player or phone in to listen to music! It has a USB power, and comes with a plug in attachment.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and overall, I liked it and so does Ili. The only thing I was irked about is it came with no directions. Would have been handy to know about the capabilities of the machine up front, and not by trial and error.

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