Friday, July 17, 2015

Super Bright bike lights review

I wanted to try out these bike lights because my mom had recently taken to riding for exercise around her neighborhood. I thought she would really enjoy these. The bike lights come in a set of six. Two blue, two green, and two multi color.

I'd like to say they lived up to expectations, but alas, they did not. The instructions left a lot to be desired. It took me a lot longer than I care to mention to figure out why they weren't working. They are made from plastic, and you had to open it up along a hidden seam to take out a piece if paper preventing the battery from being in use during transit. Only one of the green worked, and it did so poorly. Both blues were mediocre. The multi colors worked the best, and were actually fun. However, none showed the kind of super bright lights shown in the Amazon listing. They do shut off when not in motion to save battery life. 

While these lights did entertain my five year old, they certainly didn't peak the interest of any adults. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion and I cannot recommend purchasing it.

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